quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010

This band could be your life

Answer the questions using only song titles from ONE artist. DO NOT USE THE SAME BAND AS I DID! Try not to repeat the same song. It's a lot harder than you think...

My Artist: David Fonseca/Silence 4

Are you a man or a female?: Rocket Man
Describe yourself:  I'm Not Perfect
How are you feeling right now?: Alright
Describe the city you're living in: Haunted Home
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: The 80's
Your favorite form of transportation: The Longest Road
Your best friend: My Friends
Your favorite color:  Dreams In Colour
What's the weather like? My Sunshine and My Rain
Your favorite time of the day: Little Things II
If your life were a TV-program, what would it be called? Start Over Again
What is your life like? Sextos Sentidos
Your current relationship:  Where Are You?
What gives?  Borrow
I expect from the future: A little Respect
I wouldn't mind: To Give
I fear:  Someone That Cannot Love
My best advice right now:  Come Into My Heart
If I would change my name right now, it would be:  Superstars
Aphorism for today:  Kiss Me, Oh Kiss Me
The way I would like to go: Walk Away When You're Winning
My motto: Stop 4 A Minute

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